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What exactly is a vCIO? A CIO, or Chief Information Officer is a senior person with significant knowledge and expertise with respect to technical depth, business acumen, project execution and strategic thinking. This position is typically found in large companies, and the role is beyond the scope and budget of most small and medium business. With a virtual CIO (vCIO), your company has access to the knowledge and experience of a CIO without the expense of having a full-time officer on staff.



Many technology providers claim to provide this service, but often the individuals filling the vCIO role are either too technical with limited business experience, or they are merely sales professionals looking for the next deal. A true vCIO will target the following areas:

Formulating strategic IT goals.

Our vCIO needs to understand how your organization views technology. Is it viewed as a cost center, or as a strategic advantage? With this understanding, the vCIO will determine how to formulate strategic IT goals. Are we simply trying to save money and drive costs down, or do we view IT as strategic, thereby being a bit more leading-edge in our use of technology?


Planning the annual IT budget and projects.

Much if this is driven out of your business & growth goals where budget guidelines are set for different IT areas such as infrastructure, applications, digital transformation, staffing/outsourcing, etc.


Facilitating technology changes.

Technology changes can be painful. The role of the vCIO is to help make them as painless as possible. The vCIO must facilitate open communication and understanding at all levels of a project. Highly technical people are often poor communicators, and the role of the vCIO is to bridge that communications gap.


Knowing what is on the horizon.

An effective vCIO keeps current with industry trends and can determine the difference between “leading-edge” and “bleeding-edge”. Knowing when to invest in the right technology at the right time is critical in this role.


Explaining complex technical concepts in plain English.

This is easier said than done. Business leaders need to understand technology recommendations in business speak with costs and potential return on investment. Many of our customers that have come from other service providers claim we do a better job of explaining technical concepts in language they understand.

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Reviewing your environment against our standards.

During our quarterly business reviews, the Attache vCIO will present a score card that shows your environment against all of our standards as we break down the individual areas, so that you can see where there is room for improvement. This is probably the most tactical role of the vCIO.

Slide Attache has become a true strategic partner for us. IT issues used to be a daily occurrence and now IT has faded into the background. We really like Attache’s focus on small and medium sized firms, and appreciate the strategic advise from our vCIO. Guy Langevin
AG Event Graphics, Sarnia ON
Slide IT problems used to be a regular occurrence that impacted our daily operations. Since starting to work with Attache, we are running smoothly and staying up to date with current systems. Whenever we have IT issues we can trust Attache to provide timely and effective services, support, and solutions. Michaela Zehr
Brick & Co Restorations Ltd., Kitchener ON
Slide Victim Services of Middlesex-London has experienced some significant IT issues in our past. Since partnering with Attache we have greater comfort knowing that they are working with us to improve our overall IT situation. As a result, our organization does not fear these issues anymore knowing that Attache is there to support us. Brad Thompson
Victim Services of Middlesex-London, London ON
Slide Attache Group started looking after our IT needs only 5 months ago and the results have been more than what we anticipated. Their service, attention to detail and their team’s knowledge has been a welcome addition to our organization. They take pride in their work and want to be part of our organization’s success. Darren Micallef
Sprucedale Care Centre, Strathroy ON

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