Managed Services

Contracting Attache Group to take care of your IT means you can focus all your resources on your primary business operations, maximize revenue, and be more efficient. Attache Group can provide affordable, 24 X 7 best practices monitoring and management of all your IT assets, including systems, software, devices and virtual resources. We’ll also be informed with automated alerting of any event that may affect the normal operation of IT.

When there is a problem, we can accurately diagnose and resolve most issues through rapid remote remediation that takes much less time than onsite visits, saving you the often considerable costs of downtime. With all the IT health and performance data that 24 X 7 monitoring brings in, we are better positioned to help you optimize configurations, manage system and software versioning, and eliminate costly and obsolete equipment.

IT expenses can take over your budget quickly, but with managed IT services through Attache, you can keep IT costs reduced and keep up with the latest technological practices.  Day to day, the world is becoming more technologically advanced. Because of this, switching to managed IT services should not be avoided.  Attache is here to be your go-to service provider. By outsourcing these services, you can focus on the core IT operations via system integration and consolidation.  Businesses need to improve their functionality and availability while remaining competitive, so we have developed a sturdy group of managed IT services to keep your IT capabilities strong so you can focus on your core capabilities.

Is your company keeping up with technology?  Today in business, you don’t want to take the risk of running a Break/Fix model.  What it costs the company in downtime is too high compared to the loss of productivity.  These losses are shown in security risks, embarrassed clients, low morale in employees, and potentially other negativities.  As a business, you must realize that things are technology dependent now and work towards becoming technology strategic!

Protecting Data and Assets

To protect your data and assets, Attache Group can monitor the status and operational efficiency of your firewalls, your backup tools and data storage assets 24×7. With immediate alerting, we are equipped to respond rapidly to eliminate or mitigate the impact of security threats and malicious attacks. Using extensive automated patching capabilities for Microsoft systems and software based on Windows Software Update Services (WSUS), we can ensure customer assets and data are protected with immediate patching direct from Microsoft.

With all of these protective measures in place, we can produce a range of relevant reports and detailed documentation about your hardware and software inventories and the security processes that you have implemented, so that you can supply accurate evidence of your compliance to security regulations as required and provide assurance to your customers.

Business Before and After Managed Services

Business without managed services is more reactive, costly, and unpredictable. Consider the impact of unscheduled downtime, caused by a virus or technical failure. The average costs to small and midsized businesses can be staggering. A Gartner study revealed that each unmanaged desktop costs businesses an average of $4000 a year in emergency services, lost productivity and opportunity costs, with an annual total cost of ownership (TCO) that is typically 42% higher than for managed PCs and 29% higher for unmanaged laptops.

With Attache Group, you can expect to experience a dramatic reduction of unscheduled downtime and lower IT costs because problems will be detected and resolved faster—often before you’re even aware of them. Managed services also helps you reduce and optimize your IT spending, keep more of your internal resources focused on core business activities, and arms you with accurate data about the health and performance of your IT assets.

Reduce Complexity, Gain Advantage

The complexity of IT and the perception of increased risk can be a barrier to adopting new systems and networks for many small and midsized businesses. However, the application of new and improved IT solutions can create real opportunities to increase efficiency and competitive advantage.

To gain the advantages of IT without the risk and complexity, contract managed services from Attache Group. We’ll help ensure that IT remains an asset to your business and help optimize your returns from your technology investments. For example, the managed services platform we use provides the ability to easily monitor, track and manage the lifecycle of each IT asset from purchase through retirement, making sure you get the most out of vendor warranties, and maximizing its performance and value along the way.

Attache Group can perform system-wide trend analysis and identify specific ways to optimize configurations, streamline processes and reduce operational risks with your IT. The result is that you get to take advantage of new technical solutions without having to worry about how to manage or maintain it, and you can be confident that the value of your IT investment is being protected.