Backup & Disaster Recovery

How dependent is your business on data? Could you survive if a disaster struck and it shut down your server for a day? What if a disaster took place in your building and it forced you out of your office for two weeks? How would your employees access company data and continue to work?

Was your data backup working? And if it wasn’t, would your business survive? Attache Group’s Backup & Disaster Recovery solution solves this problem.

Technology is a great tool for all businesses. Without a backup and disaster recovery plan in place for your business, however, you risk losing all of your important data (ex: accounting and customer information).  For most companies, this data is so crucial that without it, the business may no longer be able to run.

Attache will keep you at ease as your IT Department keeping your IT network running smoothly.  Through our complete network assessments we ensure we have your data backed up, tested, recoverable, and ready to get you back up and running in case of a crash!